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What We Do

We translate your ideas into beautiful products. We are coders and designers who craft great-looking products that work and help you make money.

Unlike many agencies, we take the time to understand your business, provide our insight, and team up with you to build a money making machine. You don't hire a bunch of coders. You recruit a CTO and a CMO.

Since the conception in your mind until ribbon cutting, we'll be working together to build a great product.

How Can We Help You?

Whether you are starting up your first company, redesigning or changing your technology or building a new project within your organization, there’s always a better way to do it.

Hiring a developer doesn't need to feel like pulling teeth

Hiring someone to execute or develop your idea is one of the worst online experiences.

Dealing with freelancers who disappear, agencies that don't reply to your emails, or associates who don't care about your idea as much as you do is awful.

There is where we come in. We know how important yout ideas are to you and we handle them with extreme care. It's not about getting a new client, signing a contract and piling it up, it's passion for what we do. You have it, so do we.

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How We Work

There’s an inconvenient truth in our business: most developer-client relations end up bad. Really bad. But things don’t have to be like this.

Every client, as well as every product, receive individualised attention. We are a resourceful team driven by passion and focus on the projects we adopt. Our high standards impel us to give each idea that’s brought to us the thought and study required to tailor it into something exquisite.

In 40% less time than other agencies we can deliver a fully functional product

We are faster than other agencies not because we do more things in less time, it's because we understand your business and, alongside with you, we do less of the stuff that doesn't need doing.

Our Work

  • Viralica

    Simple AdWords

    AdWords interface sucks. We created an interface for e-commerce stores to easily create adwords campaigns, without having to worry about all the complicated AdWords jargon and concepts. Viralica finds the right keywords, creates the ads, and constantly optimizes the bids, getting the most out of its clients budgets.

  • Sport Social

    The only stop for social sport execs

    Carrying real-time social media stats for global sports brands across all platforms, Sport Social enables the activation specialists at NineteenEightyFour Sport to monitor and predict trends and dive deeper into the data for clients ranging across the sporting spectrum.

  • Spider

    Social media engagement booster

    Every brand has social network profiles with a community manager that tries her best to create useful content for people to interact with the brand.

    We developed this tool that helps brands go viral by offering discounts and rebates to their users in exchange for a tweet, a Facebook update, or by organizing viral sweepstakes.

  • Vient.us

    Weather Alerts for Kitesurfers

    This App is every kitesurfer’s dream come true! We created it to check the wind’s speed and direction in advance and send alerts to its subscriber base when the weather conditions are optimal to navigate.

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